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Tanks and septic

Farr's True Value Hardware

has water heaters?

We stock a huge selection of water heaters starting at 5 gallons and going up to 66 gallons. We carry electric and gas models. If we don't have the one you need we'll get it for you.

Are you looking for a water or septic tank? Here's the Farr's delivery truck with one of our 2500 gallon above ground water storage tanks. We can deliver tanks if you can't haul them. Did I mention we also have water storage tanks meant to be kept in the back of a pickup? These tanks have special cutouts for the wheel wells in your pickup bed.

Pressure tanks are a must for almost every water system. These little work horses help keep your valuable pump from over working itself to death. Pressure tanks extend the life of your pump by keeping your pump from constantly turning On and Off while your using your water.

Here's a pair of our septic tanks being floated across the lake to their new homes on Ten mile Lake. We delivered them to the boat ramp and the customers provided the transportation from there.

Have you seen the Infiltrator septic drain field systems. WOW!!! This stuff is easy to use. Come down and look at our brochures to see how to use this product. The people at Infiltrator have really come up with a product that's user friendly.