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Farr's True Value Hardware.


Pumps and water systems

Did you know that we carry Goulds pumps? We have been selling quality Goulds for over 65 years. We also stock most of the repair supplies you may need to get that pump system going again if it breaks down.

Goulds Shallow well above ground water pump.


Goulds above ground pumps

We have shallow well jet pumps in several sizes. Come down and find the one that's just right for you.


If you would like a submersible pump we have lots to choose from. These are very reliable pumps and should provide you with years of service. Most of these pumps come with an over-the-counter 3 or 5 year warranty depending on model.

Goulds submersible water pumps.


Water treatment tanks 

Water filtration is very important in every system. Clean water is essential for your home and we can get it for you. Come in and ask about our systems. We have people that can get you just what you need. We also do water testing for minerals and pH.


Do you need to kill those critters in your water supply? You can find chlorinators, UV light and ozone systems to get that job done.

Water system Chlorinator