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Pipe and fittings

You can find all kinds of pipe at

Farr's True Value Hardware.

We stock 10 and 20 foot lengths of the most common sizes of pipe, in ABS, PVC, and CPVC. You can also find rolls of ADS drain pipe and polyethylene drinking water pipe.


Chances are pretty good that if you live out of town that you have at least a few sections of poly (polyethylene) pipe in your water system. You can find the fittings to do repairs and additions to this type of pipe here in our plumbing section. We also have the clamps to seal the pipe to the fittings.



PVC and CPVC fittings and glue can also be found in our plumbing isle's. We have the you need in the most common sizes. From 1/2" to 2" in the PVC and 1/2" to 1" in the CPVC. There's also copper pipe fittings, flare and compression and sweat.



ADS and ABS fittings are found in the newly re-arranged and restocked plumbing dept.



Black iron, galvanized, and brass nipples and fittings have also gone through some changes. Come down and see us when you need to do any new plumbing or plumbing repairs.

Black iron and Glavanized pipe