Farr's True Value Hardware. Coos Bay and Coquille.

Farr's True Value Hardware.



Here is just a small glimpse at what we have in our electrical supply section. Outlet boxes are in stock every day. We have both plastic and metal and have those specialty boxes that let you put an outlet box into a finished wall without tearing up the wall to nail the box to the stud.



Did you run over that extension cord one too many times, or maybe turn the switch on that favorite lamp till it didn't work any more. Maybe you remodeled and need to change the color of your outlet covers. You can find all the parts to repair or replace them right here.



If you need wire by the foot or bulk rolls of wire we have it here. You can even get T.V. and satellite cable in the roll or by the foot. Come down and get just what you need and leave the extra here.



Surge protectors and extension cords are a must for any home or shop. Get them at Farr's



Lights Lights and more Lights!!! Check out our display of light fixtures in our electrical department. If you need more than we have on hand ASK!!! We will order what you need.